Red Door Creative Podcast

S1E1: What does Quality mean?
Released: 5.1.2020


Well hey everybody, welcome to the Red Door Creative podcast. My name is Jordan Farris and I’m the founder and owner of Red Door Creative which is a digital creative agency. The goal of my business is ultimately to help great people do great things, and this podcast is just one way that I hope to help business people and marketers like yourself do just that. Also, I’ll be careful to keep the episodes short and sweet because I know you’re busy like I am. Let’s hop into it.

In this very first episode, I want to talk a little bit about freedom… and specifically freeing yourself to be the best person you can be to run your business.

I started my business 2 years ago, and for me the idea of getting started was pretty scary. Like many of you, before I went into business for myself after I’d worked for other people and I took great pride in my work. One of the things that scared me the most was this question of “what if my business doesn’t perform like everyone who believes in me thinks it should?” or “what if I make a mistake and embarrass myself in front of everybody watching?”

Right off the bat, I had some pretty serious concerns about others’ expectations of how my business would perform. I’m someone who does great work and everyone knows it - what if I fall on my face now that I’m not just a piece of the puzzle? Now I AM the puzzle, and many times I feel like I’m missing a few pieces. If you can relate to that feeling, keep listening.

So what happened next? Well, one thing about fear in life is it’s really really good at keeping you in one place. Even though I could tell other businesses how to quote/unquote “be themselves” and “be confident in who they are,” I just wasn’t doing those things myself. I would spend hours trying to work on “finding my voice” or come up with cool things to talk about on social media for my business, but most times in these planning sessions I would intimidate myself out of actually sharing anything. Why? The truth is I was obsessed with this idea of “quality.” I thought that if my content wasn’t “quality” enough, I would get laughed at. In real life, by people I know. Does that sound familiar?

But what is quality, anyway? For years I think I equated quality with production value. Big budgets.  Perfect graphics. High resolution. Fantastic lighting. Exceptional images. All of those things CAN be part of what quality means, but I’m now 1000% convinced that I had it wrong - quality is way more simple. The new meaning of “quality” for me can be represented by a simple equation with 3 parts:

Genuine You + What You Do + Who It’s To = Quality

This equation means a lot to me right now because I’m realizing more and more that my old definition was totally subjective. Technology changes so fast today. A high quality video from 5 years ago would not be considered high quality today. All over the world, people have different ideas of what “high quality” means anyway in their own culture.

But you know what’s not subjective? Honest communication. People just connect to other people. All over the world, clear, intentional communication will never go out of style. I had to realize that my own personal standards were the thing that were holding me back, and my fear that I might not meet those standards in business, that didn’t help either.

Let’s dive into this equation really quickly. The first piece of the equation is Genuine You. This is you in your healthiest state. Now listen, I’m gonna be real. I’m working on improving my health right now… for the sake of my business. I need to be the healthiest person I can be to steer this ship. But Genuine You is more than just health - it’s a mindset. See, you have to become a person who is so excited by what COULD happen that you don’t let the potential judgement of others’ cloud your vision. I was really worried about the opinions of my family, friends, and clients. And I was complacent. I was going nowhere fast. But you’ve got to realize that being you is a gift, and more than anything else, your personality and perspective is the greatest asset your business has and will ever have, and it’s worth utilizing.

Next, we add to the equation the second component - What You Do. This part’s way easier than the first part mainly because it’s easier. So what do you do? My company provides digital services to businesses, like websites and content creation, stuff like that. But more than that, inside of me is a desire to help people. When I combine those things together, I get What I Do. I need to be careful to communicate both the practical, which is making things for businesses, and the intangible, which is my desire to really help people to be their best. Those things mixed together is What I Do.

The last part of the quality equation is Who It’s To which highlights the significance of context. For example, this podcast is an effort on my part to communicate that which is most important to me, to you. Since I’m a business person who listens to podcasts, I know that other business folks do too. And since I’m a busy guy, I want to keep it short, knowing that you’re busy too. But how many times have you seen a company advertise something that seems so out of context? Especially with the recent pandemic, I’m sure you’ve noticed marketing messaging that feels out of touch or insensitive. Context matters. Think of context as your mission to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people.

Slap those three components together, and what do you get? A much better definition of quality, because it sets an expectation of yourself that’s extremely freeing. To sum it up: Be who you are and forget everybody else. Do what you do with passion and celebrate it often. Keep in mind the context of your audience and make an effort to meet people where they are.

Quality = Genuine You + What You Do + Who It’s To.

If you do these things today, you’ll build a better tomorrow.

That’s all for episode one of the Red Door Creative Podcast. Like I said I want to keep this short and digestible for you. If you got anything out of this show, follow my business @madebyreddoor on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Anchor. I’ve got new shows dropping each Friday on Anchor, Spotify & Apple Podcasts. You can find those links when you follow me on my social media. You guys have a good one, and we’ll see you next time! Thanks for listening.