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Each Friday, Jordan Farris brings us short, digestible thoughts for business people and marketers who want to be their best.

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Would You Like Some Risk With That?

This week I'm practicing what I preached last week and giving you some vulnerability... one area of my life that I'm currently seeking to improve is my risk-taking abilities, and today's show is all about ways to reduce that dreaded risk-aversion. Here's to being more comfortable taking chances!


Give Me Leadership or Give Me Death

How can we define leadership? In what ways can we sharpen our leadership abilities? What differentiates great leaders from poor leaders? Using anecdotes from personal experience, I share 3 qualities that I believe are shared by the great leaders of today.


Uncertainty is Your New Middle Name

This week I wanted to share with you 3 thoughts that combat my anxiety related to uncertainty of the future. COVID-19 has only begun to make it's mark on our world, and you may find these thoughts helpful for your situation going forward as well.


Mind Your Busyness

In our society, busyness is the norm. In this episode I share thoughts about the potential pitfalls of not considering your workload.


What is Quality?

I’ve been thinking a lot about quality and what it means to me. Confession: I’m guilty of letting “quality” become a barrier between me and my future, but you don’t have to!